Domingo B Bautista

Domingo B Bautista is an intelligent individual, professional actor, sociopath, chronic liar, con artist, and a thief.

This website has been developed to warn the public about this man, and
to stop him from harming more innocent people.

He is WANTED in Alberta, and Ontario. Possibly WANTED in BC.
Last seen living and working in Vancouver, BC as of Jan 20th 2012


Physical Description


Short 5.5 feet tall. Filipino. Small nostrils. Heavy Smoker. Date of Birth: 1966 August 9th.
AKA: Jojo Bautista, Domingo Bautista, Jo, Keno, Tito, (2012 Joe).


Characteristics Description:

Likes to pretend he’s 35 years old or younger.
Always trying to borrow money from new friends, anyone that does not know him or his history.
Brags about his made up successes in sales, job experiences, or made up friends/relationships. 
Strong ability to create made up details of events and conversations that never took place on the spot.
Fear of driving quickly, originates from near death experience in Burnaby, Vancouver.
Will not pose in photographs unless he can hide behind a hat.

Personal Description:

Has no personal assets, not even a personal computer, everything is liquefied to support his cocaine habit.

Can not maintain a job for more than a year. Either gets fired or quits before he is fired, or the parties who were successful garnishing his SIN number find out where he is to garnish his wages from his new employment.
Claims he has money, but will not pay for anything.
Limited ID, no credit cards.
Used to bank with The Bank Of Greece, and BMO.
Grew up in Vancouver BC. University of British Columbia - computer science undergrad 1998-2002
Domingo has a 18 year old daughter in Vancouver, who which he does not support or acknowledge.

Up-to-date Details:

Used to live with his mother in a retirement home near Brimley Rd and Lawrence Road, Toronto. 2002-2009.
Mother recently passed away July 26 2009 - 7am,  since then he has received an estate.

Recently was fired from two transportation shipping companies in Toronto for having a complete fake resume.
 Was recently fired from a collection agency for receiving cheques from clients to be deposited into his account.
References on resume are made up, experience are made up, and history is made up. 
Was in Vancouver previous months to get money from his mothers estate.
Currently he is pursuing a career in the transportation/shipping industry.

Last seen in Vancouver Jan 2012.
Current email address he uses is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
See Testimonials section for more information


Domingos Resume my look like the below sample. Keep in mind that most of the phone numbers don't exist or the people answering the phones are really friends of his that are fake references, or that the people who are contacted only have one or two months experience with him.

City transfer Toronto 2006-2009
AMA Transport Etobicoke 2004-2006
Freight Express
Musket Melbourne 905-823-7800
IBL transport 


 Maintaning all clients that I brought to the company on weekly basis Resposible for cold calling new potential clients and spot quoting them on their daily shipments.

I'm sure that I will be a great assets to your company becuase transportation is in our blood. My brother Raul Bautista is currently a Senior VP for NYK Line Logistics, and my other brother is a National Manager for CP Rail.

If given an opportunity, I assure you that I will not disappoint.

Domingo Keno Bautista

 Domingo is currently being sued, click on Small Court Document at the top to see the claim.
Domingo was served at his house January 8th 2010.


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"The best way to stop a liar and a thief is to expose them"

"Evil grows and spreads when good people do nothing."

“You will never stop abusing people, hurting people, and stealing from people.

So shall my will be as forever stronger to stop you.“

David Jung

 “Anyone who associates them self with Domingo is not aware how deep the rabbit hole goes.
 The information on this website is only a snow flake on the tip of the iceberg.
There are many interesting  individuals who have found it is easier to get blood out of the orange
that stands in front of the stone.”

David Jung

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