David Jungs Story

I have known and worked with Domingo since 2006.

Since that time he has helped me get some jobs with a lot of promises of good employment and advancement.
Something was always strange about him but I could not guess in the beginning that he was a professional con artist.


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Helen Goldstens Story

The First thing I would like to say about Domingo is that he is a creep, a liar and a heartless thief who could take advantage of a poor woman who has limited options. He is the most horrible worst person that I have ever met in my life.

A while ago I was in debt in which one of my files was in a collections agency in Toronto.

Domingo was my case manager which is how I came in contact with him.
He called me after hours sympathizing with me regarding my situation which convinced me he was on my side and could help.
He instructed me that he had a friend in the system that could erase my debt and could change my bad credit on my credit bureau to good credit for a fee. At that time he said that David could do that for me (which is a lie).

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Nancy (Landlord)

I live in Mississauga with my family. We were renting our basement apartment when he called us. He said his name was Domingo Keno. He claimed that he just came from Vancouver, and he had a job but no where to stay. Claimed that his mother died in Vancouver and he had to spend all his money for the funeral. Claimed he was expecting $250,000 in his mother’s estate and that he could not pay rent until his paycheque. I contacted his office and they confirmed he was employed there so I let him stay.

Luckily he only stayed in my home for one month after I found out from his boss that he is a dangerous person. During his stay he would ask to borrow money in which I gave him $50, in which he would return only $5 dollars with promises of payment with cheques from CIBC, he left after the cheques bounced from a closed account.


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Donald (Employer)

Domingo worked in my office for just over a month. His last day at work was April 5th 2010. I had called the police to have him removed from my office, because I did not want him hangling around my complex. All of his stuff was removed out in the hallway when he came to work. Once he saw the police he ran off.
He claimed he just wanted to work a comission job. 

I had a bad feeling about him, and after working with him I did not want anything to do with him.
Domingo is a waste of time, and is full of crap. Thankfully he was gone before there was any damage.


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Jessy from Stoney Point Freight in Vancouver

Jessy from Stoney Point Freight in Vancouver  Jan 27 2012

"He called himself Joe Bautista, worked for me for less then a month. Stole a company cell phone which he will not return.
As of Jan 27 2012 Jessy called his current employer Fast Freight in Vancouver and talked to his current boss. Domingo has been fired as of today."

Fast Freight: "The information on this website is shocking."


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Trans-Pro Logistics Montreal

Trans-Pro Logistics Montreal (Oct 1 2010) confirmed from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Old Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Worked with Domingo at Trans-Pro :

"Hey David - Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I work with him at Trans-Pro Logistics. The company actually checked into Domingo's background and also your website, before they hired him, but the information wasn't enough not to hire him, I guess. So far this is what I've seen: he talks a lot, has plenty of stories, doesn't like to pay when we're a group and has a street mentally. Acts as if everyone is out to get him. That's probably why he talks so much and always trying to prove himself to everyone. Bottom line is, I don't trust the guy. "

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Reggie Jones 2010

" We worked together in collections in Toronto, so I would invite him over sometimes with the guys. I guess he got kicked out of his apartment and lost his belongings, so he borrowed some of my best cloths and never gave them back."

Mishal Siddiqui 2010 Toronto

I hired Domingo for a short while in my company, I did not like the guy so much but I gave him a chance. He did well in sales and collections. Then he started to ask everyone if he could borrow money, this was in less then a week of employment, it seamed strange and too soon to ask for personal favors. Sometimes I would drop him off at his place after work if it was not too much of a inconvenience. I had a basement for rent with two bedrooms.  So he started to ask if he could rent it. Obvious my basement was too big and expensive for one single guy to rent as it is designed for a family, but he insisted that it was a good idea and that
"we could car pool together" to get to work. My girlfriend had really bad vibes about this guy so I ended the work relationship.

Dino Denofrio Jan 2010

"No I just had to warn people about a sniveling co-artist. He was employed at one time with us at City Transfer and I knew I couldn't trust him but my brother-in-law has too good a heart and kept him on because he thought he wasn't that bad. I guess he was wrong because he stole over 25,000.00 from him."

"What goes around comes around Domingo. You are exactly as the website explains. I knew I could never trust you and I was right. Changing your name won't change what you did to innocent people who believed the cons you pulled. You get NO sympathy from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

July 2010 - Unknown

"Owes me a carton of cigarettes"
 Glen Wilson from landstar.com
(these are examples of how Domingo lies)

" I just saw your website and now know that I too have been scammed."

"Domingo Bautista asked to “borrow” $420 because the courts apparently froze his account after missing his alimony payment by a couple days due to the July 1st long weekend.  He told me that the $420 was needed to give to the bank in order to unfreeze his account.  He told me he would pay me back in 3 days but continually makes up a new story as to why he can not pay me back just yet.  He told me he has over $14,000 in his bank account so it wasn’t like he does not have the money.

I have attached a copy of the Western Union money order.

The home address that Jojo (Domingo) gave me was:

98A Novella Road
Vaughn, ON
L4K 5K6

I have also attached a copy of a load confirmation that he sent me that has all his current employer info on it.

I have also attached a copy of an email of his with his contact phone numbers.
I hope we can catch this jerk."

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