David Jungs Story

I have known and worked with Domingo since 2006.

Since that time he has helped me get some jobs with a lot of promises of good employment and advancement.
Something was always strange about him but I could not guess in the beginning that he was a professional con artist.



Domingo and I worked together at CBV Collections Services in Toronto in 2007. This is where I first met him. He would say that he is from Vancouver (which is true) and that he was 32 years old (he was 43). He would borrow money from me with the claim that his mother was going through dialyses which preyed on my emotions that she was in pain and was dying. Always claiming that he was using the money to buy her needles and could pay me back with his next pay cheque. At that time I would think logically that if I was in need I would expect my friends to help me.

At that time he was about to be fired after arguing with the trace department manager but then quit. He soon found employment at City Water International where he claimed that I could make with him substantial income from the commission we would collect from the files.

He would show me his office and introduce me to his manager who I was able to get employment with. The job interested me mainly for the money and the opportunity to stay close to him. He would talk about how much money he is going to make, and how much easier it was than our other jobs.

He would expand my imagination with the promises and high downtown lifestyle living we could achieve. We would walk into new condos downtown and talk to the sales staff about the prices and available about the locations of the suits we would like to have after working at our new job for a short time.

It turned out that the commission structure was not there at all, but we kept on working as it was employment. He borrowed more money claiming that he was going to get a big commission cheque from collecting a delinquent account from a TD branch. His common technique is to tell me not to tell anyone about it as it was suppose to not be known to the other employees. His attention to details with payment instructions and whereabouts came at a believable rate. He produced cheques to me from the bank of Greece to pay me back. But all I would find that the cheques would bounce because his accounts have been closed.

I tried to get into his house with his mother so I could question the money for her medical condition, and put pressure on her so that she would put pressure on him. Id drove Domingo home one night and right after we pulled up to his mother’s retirement home complex I was so surprised to see him run inside the building to avoid me following him. I ran and caught up to him, but could not come into the apartment as his mother was in the shower and even though I knew he was a cheat and a liar I did not want to disrespect his mother. I always thought there was another way.

At that time up until his mother’s death Domingo lived with his mother in a retirement home. He had neither assets nor a personal computer. When I would question any drug addiction he would joke that he was not on Coke but Pepsi.

I followed him close to try to get my money back, After City Water International he found employment at CGC collections near Victoria Park and Finch. We worked there for some time. I had stopped giving him money except that I found he really did not have any money for food or bus fair. Over time more and more details came to the surface about his mind and habits. He was promptly fired for cheque fraud, and called me at my office laughing that he had been fired. I eventually retired from the collections industry and went to work in Mississauga.

I located his brother’s phone number by trace and came in contact with him to see if there was a way his family could help. As soon as his brother heard that Domingo owed me money he laughed and confirmed that Domingo does not pay a penny for his mother’s medical condition, nor does he care for my loss. I take it his entire family knows his reckless history.

From that time I have collected a number of bounced cheques from him, a contract that the debt is payable and other details about his other bank accounts.

Once he asked me for $7 to buy eggs for his lunch and breakfast, I gave him the money and he would just walk out of the store with cigarettes. The lying was blunt, right in my face.

Once I had a Filipino friend of mine call his house to talk to his mother directly as her English is not fluent. But unfortunately he answered the phone.

After moving to Vancouver He had me on a wild goose chase looking for his MR2 Toyota. After not being able to pay me back he said he would give me the car.


When I was out of the city once I had a friend get to his mother at the retirement home with all the evidence against him. I don’t know what became of it but he was very mad that I succeeded in contacting her with the proof. But nothing came from it.


After some time I received a call from Helen. Her story is below.

Currently I am pursuing Domingo for my money. The total at the time was $5500 plus interest.
I have located him working at a transportation company in Toronto, soon after talking to his manager he was fired.
I knew Domingo so well with out even seeing his resume I could pick out even who he would use as a fake reference.

He will get whats coming to him.

This is a cheque that he tried to endorse to me.           Here is a cheque from the Bank of Greece that he gave to me.