July 2010 - Unknown

"Owes me a carton of cigarettes"
 Glen Wilson from landstar.com
(these are examples of how Domingo lies)

" I just saw your website and now know that I too have been scammed."

"Domingo Bautista asked to “borrow” $420 because the courts apparently froze his account after missing his alimony payment by a couple days due to the July 1st long weekend.  He told me that the $420 was needed to give to the bank in order to unfreeze his account.  He told me he would pay me back in 3 days but continually makes up a new story as to why he can not pay me back just yet.  He told me he has over $14,000 in his bank account so it wasn’t like he does not have the money.

I have attached a copy of the Western Union money order.

The home address that Jojo (Domingo) gave me was:

98A Novella Road
Vaughn, ON
L4K 5K6

I have also attached a copy of a load confirmation that he sent me that has all his current employer info on it.

I have also attached a copy of an email of his with his contact phone numbers.
I hope we can catch this jerk."


From: Jojo [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 5:28 AM
To: 'Glen Wilson'
Subject: acccount

 Hi Glen,

I sent you a message last night. My card was still not working my friend. I am not here to screw you yet to thank you for helping me out. I will go there again today to find out realle what is happening, because I do have $12,980.00 in my account that I need bad. I do get pay this Friday and I am not going directly to the bank but I will go to money mart and cash it there so that I can send you the funds easier that way. I do promise you that it will get done on Friday night. I swear on my mom’s grave my friend. I do apologize once again sir.


Jojo Bautista


905-670-9700 Office ext.233


647-922-8482 CELL

   January 2010 Domingobbautista.com was informed that Domingo was courting a young lady in the Philippines.
Through much research it was discovered that Domingo had been romancing her for quite sometime, and that the image and person that he was portraying himself to be was just as much of a lie as everything else was. Thankfully for all the information this site provided and from all other sources she decided to terminate the relationship.

Here are the fake pictures that Domingo was email this girl. These pictures are images of who Domingo was saying he was.
These pictures are provided by that girl herself.

( dont look to hard at these pictures, Domingo is not this person)