Helen Goldstens Story

The First thing I would like to say about Domingo is that he is a creep, a liar and a heartless thief who could take advantage of a poor woman who has limited options. He is the most horrible worst person that I have ever met in my life.

A while ago I was in debt in which one of my files was in a collections agency in Toronto.

Domingo was my case manager which is how I came in contact with him.
He called me after hours sympathizing with me regarding my situation which convinced me he was on my side and could help.
He instructed me that he had a friend in the system that could erase my debt and could change my bad credit on my credit bureau to good credit for a fee. At that time he said that David could do that for me (which is a lie).

I meet with him at a coffee shop near lawence and brimly where he said he lived in a house near by. He assured me that he does this all the time to help people and that my situation was easy to fix.

Immediately I felt relieved because all his details and references seemed so believable, I was excited that I had a chance to get my life back on track.  I begged my friends who did not have a lot of money to lend me some money to be able to clear up my credit. Over a
period of time I gave Domingo over $3000.

He than disappeared.

Determined to find out whats going on because not only was there no communication, but my friends who could not afford to lend me money that I could not pay back were also wondering whats happening I tried to search Domingo or David out. Since at that time I was still convinced that David was the one to fix my situation.

I called and called the collection agency talking to different people until someone there knew how I could get in communication with David. Finally someone gave me Davids number. I called immediately.

Thankfully David answered the phone. I asked him if he know who I was. David could not recall. So I told him that Domingo said he was to fix my credit situation. David was so surprised, said that Domingo is a crook and owes him money. At that time my heart dropped. I felt to deceived, everything I believed was a lie.

David immediately advised that I should meet him to tell him everything that has happened. We met at a coffee place and I told him everything. He said that there was no way he could even do what was promised to me and that he knew nothing about the situation.
He was very concerned and promised that he would do anything to help me get my money back.

Domingo will get whats coming to him. I firmly believe that what goes around comes around.