Nancy (Landlord)

I live in Mississauga with my family. We were renting our basement apartment when he called us. He said his name was Domingo Keno. He claimed that he just came from Vancouver, and he had a job but no where to stay. Claimed that his mother died in Vancouver and he had to spend all his money for the funeral. Claimed he was expecting $250,000 in his mother’s estate and that he could not pay rent until his paycheque. I contacted his office and they confirmed he was employed there so I let him stay.

Luckily he only stayed in my home for one month after I found out from his boss that he is a dangerous person. During his stay he would ask to borrow money in which I gave him $50, in which he would return only $5 dollars with promises of payment with cheques from CIBC, he left after the cheques bounced from a closed account.


I should have known that I should have not let him stay because there were many things wrong with him. He owned nothing except a backpack, and an old cell phone. He did not even really have any clothes, or even a pillow and blanket, so I lent his ours to use. I hope I never see him again.